KIPAT Knowledge Implementation in Pediatric Audiology Team

Tom Littman, Ph.D., Factoria Hearing

Sheila Moodie, M.Cl.Sc., Ph.D. Candidate, University of Western Ontario

George Lindley, Ph.D., East Penn Hearing

Dave Gordey, M.Sc., Oticon Pediatrics

Eileen Rall, Au.D., The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Leisha Eiten, Au.D.,Boys Town National Research Hospital

Lisa Davidson, Ph.D.,CID Research at Washington University School of Medicine

Mariana Roslyng-Jensen, M. Aud., Oticon Denmark

Session goals

Review “Best Practice in Pediatric Amplification Survey” results.

Define gaps in practice and suggestions for implementing best practice.

Share information with one another – What are your tips and tricks.

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