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OBJECTIVES: (Competency)


  • Knowledge of U.S. laws and rights  (ADA, 504, IDEA, Provincial School Acts, etc)
  • How do you describe a successful transition?
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and access (DEIBA) → what policies are in place to support your equity, inclusion and access? Advisors will be sensitive to these discussions.
  • What do you need to feel confident and comfortable when you transition to a new school or new grade?
  • Have you researched job requirements relative to hearing and communication?
  • Have you considered what jobs may be best suited to you and your hearing needs?
  • If attending a post-secondary institution:
    • What is the Office of Accessibility/Disability or Student Support Services? 
    • Do you know how to contact them?
    • When should you make an appointment to discuss your learning/communication needs?
    • Do you know what accommodations to request?
    • What do you need to do so? (e.g. copy of IEP/IPP)
    • What do you do if you are denied accommodations?
  • If transitioning to a work environment:
    • Are you familiar with a Rehabilitation Counselor to help you become educated about your rights and protections (United States)? 
    • Have you made contact with a Rehabilitation Counselor to help identify education and job training needed for a specific job path? 
    • What are the accommodations you will require to meet your job expectations?
    • Who do you ask for these accommodations?
    • What do you do if you are denied accommodations?

OBJECTIVES: (Relatedness)


  • Have you connected with another individual who attends your post-secondary institution? Or is in a similar job? With or without hearing loss?
  • What questions would be helpful for you to have answers to?

OBJECTIVES: (Autonomy)


  • When and how do you disclose your hearing loss?
  • What are the benefits/risks of disclosing your hearing loss?


Knowing your IEP/IPP
Student Services representatives from varying colleges come to present