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OBJECTIVES: (Competency)


  • What adaptations do I need to participate in my desired activity
  • Can my current technology be worn for the sport
  • What do I need to do in order to understand the coach/instructor and teammates
  • What do I need for retention of my hearing technology?
  • Insurance for lost hearing aids?
  • What happens if my hearing technology stops working?
  • What are the risks and benefits?
  • Hearing protection requirements?

OBJECTIVES: (Relatedness)


  • Develop a network of students in each respective recreational activity where they can discuss challenges they may face; facilitate new friendships
  • Teens from various recreation activities are guest speakers and share their management skills

OBJECTIVES: (Autonomy)


  • The student communicates with the coach and peers about his/her communication needs
  • Sharing when they hear well and when they may not (e.g. whistle/timer)
  • Implementation of strategies – shared responsibility


Do a visual representation of the different factors for different sports and come up with areas that would be difficult and solutions.  (e.g. gym/acoustics/using a white board for plays/using remote microphone/signs)
Use Book “Time Out”  timeout.pdf (; have teens provide updates to this book
Students could present on their extra-curricular activities (like a science fair) and how it relates to their hearing loss and accommodation
Field Trip (internal or external) to participate in an activity and reflect.