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OBJECTIVES: (Competency)


  • What are the benefits of having a hearing dog? 
  • How does a hearing dog cost?
  • Where do I get a hearing dog?
  • What kind of training did your dog receive before you got him/her?
  • What other kinds of service dogs are there?
  • Why do you think that a hearing dog is the only dog allowed in a household?
  • Do you think that having a hearing dog is a big commitment? Why or why not?
  • Does your dog still go for training? How much does this cost?
  • What are hearing dogs trained to do? 
  • How much exercise does your dog get? Who is responsible for that?
  • How often do you brush your dog at home? 
  • How often does your dog go to the groomers? Why is this important?

OBJECTIVES: (Relatedness)


  • Who do you know with dogs?  What breeds?
  • Who have you seen with service dogs (in real life or media)?  What was your impression of them?

OBJECTIVES: (Autonomy)


  • Which responsibilities can you take on? 
  • What are the responsibilities of owning a hearing dog? 
  • Do you have someone who can help you care for the dog?
  • What might motivate you to get a hearing dog?
  • What do you tell people who want to pet your dog when it’s working?


Research Service Dog websites
Invite guest speaker to come and share