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OBJECTIVES: (Competency)


  • What are the roles of different healthcare professionals?
  • What does confidentiality mean? 
  • What are boundaries within healthcare? 
  • What is ok and not ok to talk about in a healthcare appointment?
  • How do you manage healthcare providers who are dismissive?
  • What do you notice about your hearing when people are wearing masks?
  • Are people ever allowed to remove their masks?
    • Who? When?
  • Can you understand through some masks better than others?
  • What can you do if you can’t hear or understand people through their masks or when they are at a distance?

OBJECTIVES: (Relatedness)


  • What makes a good relationship with a healthcare provider?
  • Have you noticed other people having trouble hearing through masks or when physically distancing?

OBJECTIVES: (Autonomy)


  • Does you healthcare provider talk to you or your parent/guardian about your health and recommendations
  • Do you feel included in the conversation/decisions?
  • Do you feel comfortable speaking with your healthcare provider?
  • It can be difficult to wear masks with hearing aids. Have you tried any adaptations to mask-wearing?
  • Do you feel comfortable telling teachers, friends, family, etc that you can’t hear or understand them?
  • Do you have a plan for when you might not hear or understand?


Practice asking for clarification/follow-up questions